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I am originally a biologist and worked as a researcher in Germany and Australia and as an employee in the collections of the Natural History Museum Aarhus/Denmark. I am also a communicator in the field of environmental education and within the different topics in the Red Cross Youth. 

I love to work with people of all age and to interact with them, so we can learn from each other following the principle: give and take, which makes us better in every sense. 


But how did I become a memory trainer?

My friend, Nicol Jahns, fulfilled his dream to teach other people how to learn a plenty of facts and keep it forever and at the same time have a lot of fun. He developed the possibly fastest memory system and launched a company: einfach.behalten. His company has grown since then, because he shows people with his charming nature the fantastic potential of their memory capacity.

I convinced myself, that the method is ingenious. I am thrilled. Amazing how easy and fast you can remember abstract concepts and boring sequences. Too bad I learned the method only now. Learning during my school days and my studies would have been easier and I might have had more time for other things.

But that doesn't mean, that this knowledge should be hidden in my brain. It could help so many other people. That is why I did the "train the trainer" course at einfach.behalten. 


Convincing, enthusiastic, creative

If I am convinced by a thing, I tell about it with great enthusiasm. Nevertheless, it is always important to me that people know and understand the background. Thus, actions become more logical and one remembers it much better.

Yes, and now I am a licensed trainer for einfach.behalten. and can contribute with my educational experience. I like to convey how to have fun while learning and to awake enthusiasm for small and big things in life. That's my mission.


about me | susan ebeling

I am trainer for einfach.behalten - The fastest memory system . I enjoy my job, because I love to see people smiling and laughing and they do, when I show them the amazing potential of their memory.

I help people how they can learn faster and long-lasting to reach their knowledge objectives and career goals.

I do this by giving them the tools and methods with which they are able to learn everything temporizing and the entire life. It will make their life much easier and they will feel much happier since the new knowledge gets now extremely fast into their memory and offers daily security and success.

© Nicol Jahns

© Nicol Jahns

einfach.behalten. expands

Now I have been living in Denmark for some time. It is beautiful here. The people are nice, but also quite reserved. Being able to speak the language is a big plus. I do quite well in the meanwhile and it has opened many doors and I draw closer to people. Now, however, the question arises how to sell the einfach.behalten. concept to the Danes? Well, it is not a big difference. Fantasy and humor comes with being human and not by living in a certain country. However, the name might be a problem. Most Danes learnt German in school and certainly understand, but it might be difficult to remember it. A new, more international name was created: easy.recall.

It is a new name, but with the proven know-how and the einfach.behalten. philosophy: if no one had laughed, it was not good enough yet.