easy.recall. inhouse workshop

ln this interactive workshop you will be impressed by your own memory. You will get a tool that will make your life much easier. You will learn the most successful memory methods in the world and can (from now on) remember in record time ...

- Over 500 data, numbers or facts per day, sorted by order
- Names & Faces
- Record complex sequences (for examinations or free lectures)
- Hundreds of words and terms per day
- Memorise random numbers


The workshop takes place either in your premises or we organize a suitable space for you. Important is a bright, friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to get up and move freely. In contrast to static front-line teaching, we use methods that are very dynamic and involve the entire body and mind. If you have any questions concerning the selection of the rooms, we are happy to help you with the best selection.


We will be glad to present you an individual offer. Please contact us or call at +45 52 65 58 13.


Can you really learn everything in one day ??

Yes, you can. Our system has nothing to do with "normal" learning. The highly optimized reminder system is a special development that builds on the systems of world champions in the fastest memories. We have significantly simplified and accelerated these methods on important points. We have put a lot of emphasis on the quick and easy learning and the long-lasting memory ability.