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The fastest memory system in the world is the learning revolution of the 21st century. It combines the fastest mnemonic principles and techniques in a unique system that instantly transforms its user into memory geniuses.

Conventional learning methods do not longer function in today's information age. If you want to memorize the ever increasing body of knowledge in record time, you need the right method.

The fastest memory system can be applied to any kind of knowledge: vocabulary, technical terms, tables of information, names, phone numbers, complex sequences (for exams or free lectures), and much, much more. If you don’t want to spend your evenings and weekends up with hours of learning, make an appointment with me now.

 You are at the right place, if you…

  • want to learn a lot of facts and retain them

  • want to memorize a lot of things fast

  • want to learn with fun

  • want to reduce time to learn and get good marks anyway

  • wish to use your brain instead of relying on apps and notepads

  • want to give a speech or presentation freely

  • want to reach your career goals faster

I'm Susan Ebeling and as a licensed trainer since 2016, I support students, parents, self-employed, the curious and teams, to have fun while learning and to use their memory better and to reach their (career) goals more quickly.

As a biologist I know exactly what it means to retain large amounts of knowledge systematically and permanently in mind. In addition, my 13 years of experience as a volunteer group leader in the Red Cross Youth and as a teacher assistant helps me to train children and young people in the fastest memory system in a simple way.

I'll show you how to learn with fun easily and quickly. I look forward to your expression, which says: Unbelievable, it does work. I love that.


HOW I can help you


one-on-one training

Individual for students, families, curious people…

In our individual workshops we can fully respond to your personal needs.

You first get to know the fastest memory system for dates, numbers and facts, orders and chronologies and complex knowledge areas. Later we will work very intensely with the themes of your choice!


inhouse workshops

Team building, in-service training….

The workshops combine learning fun with a lot of team dynamics. Your advantage of an in-house workshop is that you learn together with a motivated group and take this motivation into your daily work.

WHat our customers say

Charlotte Vikkelsø Hansen,  Natural History Museum Aarhus

Charlotte Vikkelsø Hansen,
Natural History Museum Aarhus

“By learning the Easy Recall method, one’s imagination can be used for something practical. The method makes it fun to find shortcuts for what you have to remember, both professionally and in everyday life.”

The musical star Rob Fowler got to know einfach.behalten. - The fastest memory system - just by chance.

einfach.behalten./easy.recall. trained some pilots of the Lufthansa Cargo AG in Frankfurt/Main. Already after some hours they showed amazing results of their memory!

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