In our workshops you will get to know the fastest memory system for dates, numbers and facts, specific orders and chronologies and complex knowledge areas. That means for you, that you can reach your career goals up to 10 times faster and more efficient. And you will do it with a lot of fun. You will find out right from the first minutes of our workshop, that the usually missing fun is one of the main reasons why traditional learning is extremely inefficient – and why our method however produces so fast phenomenal results.

In our practically based workshop you will be amazed by your own memory performance. You will get a tool, that will ease your life. You will learn all the important techniques/methods to deal with the challenges of learning.

We offer individual coaching for a maximum of 10 people. Your advantage of individual coaching is that we can fully respond to your personal needs.

You are preparing for a comprehensive examination and definitely want to do very well?
Is it important for you to get new information in your profession as quickly as possible?
Would you like to give your next speech completely free and without holding a bunk of flash cards? 


The workshops take place in Aarhus, Denmark or as a agreed at a location of your choice. It is best to select an environment in which you can really feel comfortable and relaxed. We should be completely undisturbed during the coaching period.


Our workshop will last one day with a maximum of 10 people.

Private individuals: from 10.000 DKK.
Business groups: from 15.000 DKK.

Please feel free to ask for an individual quotation by using our contact page or calling: +45 52 65 58 13.

What is included in this offer for you?The price already includes:

  • an orientation talk by telephone, so that we can start directly on the day of the
  • journey within Aarhus Kommune
  • the professional memory system with 576 elements that allows you to memorize up to 500 new pieces of information per day. A life long!
  • If you have questions, you will receive telephone support for one year