A TEam event with sawy

How much money do you invest in training and further education in you and your team members every year? Did you know that only 50% of the facts we learn are available after 30 minutes? After one month, on average, only 10% of new knowledge is available.

The result: frustration in the team, high repetitive effort or incomplete knowledge, when it matters. For example, in sales, at trade fairs, at presentations, in change processes...

How would it be, if

  • your team members learn how to memorise and recall things better, let’s say phone numbers, procedures, product data, short cuts and much more?

  • you can streamline work processes and improve the work flow?

  • the further education you sent your team members to pay off, because they don’t forget what they have learned?

The fastest memory system

easy.recall. is the key for memorising and recalling a huge amount of information and knowledge. We show people how to remember almost everything on just one day, even if it is 500 pieces of facts. The easy.recall. method is the fastest memory system in the world and is based on the techniques, that are also used by memory world champions. These techniques have been elaborated by Nicol Jahns, the founder of easy.recall./einfach.behalten. for immediately use by everyone - regardless of age, background knowledge or educational level. The fastest memory system can be applied to any kind of knowledge: vocabulary, technical terms, tables of information, names, phone numbers, complex sequences, customer details, shortcuts and commands and much, much more.
Life gets easier and by speeding up your learning, you will reach your goals faster and you will grow in confidence.
Convinced? Interested? Book a time to talk to me and get a quote.

What our customer say

Charlotte Vikkelsø Hansen,  Natural History Museum Aarhus

Charlotte Vikkelsø Hansen,
Natural History Museum Aarhus

“By learning the Easy Recall method, one’s imagination can be used for something practical. The method makes it fun to find shortcuts for what you have to remember, both professionally and in everyday life.”

The musical star Rob Fowler got to know einfach.behalten. - The fastest memory system - just by chance.

einfach.behalten./easy.recall. trained some pilots of the Lufthansa Cargo AG in Frankfurt/Main. Already after some hours they showed amazing results of their memory!

Inhouse workshops

ln our interactive workshop you will be impressed by your own memory. You will get a tool that will make your work and life much easier. You will learn the most successful memory methods in the world and can (from now on) remember in record time:

  • Over 500 data, numbers or facts per day, sorted by order

  • Names & Faces, e.g. of your customers

  • Record complex sequences

  • Hundreds of words and terms per day, e.g. product features

  • Memorise random numbers, e.g. sales figures

    Give free speeches, presentations and talks

We offer our workshops in English, Danish or German.

Location of your unique team event

Easy.Recall. is situated in Aarhus/Denmark. Nevertheless, the team event can also be booked in other cities of Denmark and in other countries, as we offer them in three languages: English, German and Danish. The workshop takes place either in your premises or we organize a suitable space for you. Important is a bright, friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to get up and move freely. In contrast to static front-line teaching, we use methods that are very dynamic and involve the entire body and mind. If you have any questions concerning the selection of the rooms, we are happy to help you with the best selection.

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